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Almon has created easy training options that are ready to use. These courses can be used alone or in conjunction with your current training programs. Check out our online catalog to learn more.

Tailor Made

Almon Inc.’s training team utilizes proven methods to analyze, design, and develop programs that are tailor made for your audience and fulfill the needs of your organization. We combine our talents with cutting-edge tools to create a rich, interactive learning experience.

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Training program, performance support, job aid — our team will work with yours to analyze and understand the unique needs of your business.


Whether a traditional instructor-led training course, an eLearning program, a simulator, or a responsive mobile deliverable, Almon Inc. designs each project with the end-user in mind.


When our experts develop content, they not only explain the function in a way that is clear and concise for the students, but also relate it directly to their jobs.


Whether your training is deployed into a learning management system or operated as a stand-alone course, we perform thorough quality checks and test runs to ensure functionality, reporting, and system compliance.

Distribution and Deployment

Not sure of the options to distribute your training? We can help you choose your method of deployment. From LMS, website portals, and servers to mobile and PC, we can help deliver your training however you need it.

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Technical Publications

We are experienced in documentation, authoring, illustration, and delivery of industry-leading technical support solutions in a global market.

Visual Media

Animation, video production, photography — Almon Inc.’s team of visual artists have a wide range of skill sets to create the art needed for your project.

Application Development

We design applications based on customer needs, including multi-platform delivery, ensuring your application maintains a similar look and feel across all devices.

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