An Immersive Experience

Almon Inc.’s visual media team creates realistic animations, videos, and photography to support manufacturing, training, and publications, transcending language and traditional methods of content delivery.

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Our visual media team can analyze your ideas, content, or rough sketches and mold them into a comprehensive storyboard that visually conveys your message.


We have subject matter experts of many disciplines to design and make sure that your graphics are technically accurate. From a small infographic to a realistic marketing animation, we can captivate your audience through visual media.


The animators, graphic designers, videographers, and media designers at Almon Inc. are veterans in the field. Our experience with top-tier graphics software combined with project management helps us develop and deliver your product.


Our visual media team works closely with instructional designers, web designers, and programmers, allowing us to deploy graphics into any deliverable that your company can utilize.

A Blended Approach

Blending visual media with publications, training materials, and applications provides the visual learner with a constructive training experience. This approach increases technical accuracy while significantly reducing duplication of effort.

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Technical Publications

We are experienced in documentation, authoring, illustration, and delivery of industry-leading technical support solutions in a global market.


Instructor-led training, eLearning, mobile, blended — we create rich, interactive learning experiences that fulfill the needs of your organization.

Application Development

We design applications based on customer needs, including multi-platform delivery, ensuring your application maintains a similar look and feel across all devices.

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