Multimeter Fundamentals – Intro to Multimeters

Almon Inc.’s off-the-shelf course, Multimeter Fundamentals, was developed to provide technicians with the practical knowledge and skills necessary to operate a multimeter in real-world applications.

This technical course begins by building a solid foundation and understanding of what a multimeter is, what functions it performs, what the core components of a multimeter are, and identifying different types of probes and test leads.

The technician will also learn safety best practices to follow when using a multimeter and working with electrical systems.

The course provides in-depth knowledge and instruction on how to effectively use the top three most used functions of a multimeter, measuring voltage, resistance, and current.

Video demonstrations, interactive scenarios, and an end-of-course assessment reinforce the knowledge gained throughout the course.

  • Define what a multimeter is and identify the two types of multimeters and the differences between them.

  • Identify multimeter components, two types of probes, and their applications.

  • Understand how to safely operate a multimeter.

  • Identify the three most used functions of a multimeter and how these functions are used in practical settings.

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