Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus Overview

Almon Inc.’s off-the-shelf CAN Bus System Fundamentals course was developed to take, what some may consider, a complicated subject and break it down so that it is easily understood. This course was developed for beginning technicians, or for anyone who has an interest in learning about CAN Bus Systems.

Technicians are introduced to the CAN Bus system and the benefits associated with this type of system. The course identifies what a CAN Bus is, what CAN Bus protocol is, and what CAN standards are.

The components of a CAN Bus system are identified along with the basic theory behind a CAN Bus system. Basic CAN Bus system diagnostics are also covered within this course.

This course assumes that the technician has minimal knowledge of CAN Bus systems and a basic knowledge of electricity.

It is recommended that Almon Inc.’s Basic Electrical course is completed prior to this course.

A knowledge assessment upon completing the course will reinforce the information covered.

  • Understand the benefits of a CAN Bus system

  • Identify the components of a CAN Bus system

  • Understand the inputs and outputs of a CAN Bus system

  • Understand basic CAN Bus system diagnostics

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