Tuesday May 7th, 2019

Denver, CO

From hand drawn illustration to Virtual and Augmented Reality, learn how visual media plays a key role in how we learn and how it enhances the world of technical publications.

  • The process of CAD conversion for Animation and Real-Time applications.
  • The software recommended for the creation of VR/AR applications.
  • Animation or video? The best choice to enhance your technical publications.
  • Do-it-yourself tips for recording a successful training video.
Meet Keith

Keith Kamikawa is an animator, expert in CAD conversion, a multimedia designer, and a UX/UI designer at Almon Inc. Keith is also the Social Media Account Manager for Almon Inc. where he curates their various social platforms.

Outside of Almon Inc. he freelances in animation, photography, and illustration and is a member of the Milwaukee Area Technical College animation advisory board. On that board they set curriculum and budget for the Animation program at the school. He also is an ex-chef of 16 years so feel free to hit him up about his latest culinary adventures.

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